Data integrity is crucial to ensure public health, patient safety, and product quality in regulated companies. To maintain data integrity, organization needs to implement appropriate governance, develop policies and procedures, establish sustainable and effective means of quality performance monitoring, and facilitate training of employees on the principles of data integrity. Xevalics Consulting has the expertise and the recognized know-how to support companies like yours in their objectives to establish processes and controls to assure data integrity. Our consultants have proven experience incorporating data integrity requirements, philosophy, and best practices into computerized system validation lifecycles for analytical quality control instruments, manufacturing production, and enterprise systems.

Xevalics approach to data integrity is based on partnering with your team leading cross-disciplinary efforts to build, establish, and continually strengthen the linkages between the data integrity program and your site quality systems. Our proven technical data integrity assessment tools and risk-based remediation plan templates are ready to use to evaluate your existing or new systems. Our consultants maintain contemporary knowledge of regulatory requirements, industry trends and enforcement actions to make certain our clients data integrity programs are current industry best practices.

List of Expertise & Capabilities:

  • Data Integrity Program Development
  • Computerized Systems Data Integrity Gap Assessments
  • Data Processing Maps
  • Data Governance Program Development

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