Digital Transformation / Information Technology (IT)

Across industries, companies are fast-tracking digital business transformation for long-term growth and profitability. In today’s life science industry, consumers possess an increasingly digital attitude, and expect real-time answers to their needs. The customer digital engagement space is continuously evolving – new products, new platforms, customer loyalty changes, big data to analyze and new ways to interact with customers.

In regulated company, information technology is at the center of being a strategic function that supports the goal of increasing the value and reducing the development timelines of innovative solutions for patients. The digital transformation is a complex and urgent journey to modernize and digitize manufacturing and supply chain operations by maximizing the use of technology and analytics.

At Xevalics, we understand the sense of urgency of this change, and we know how to develop and implement your digital transformation strategy to keep your company competitive edge. Our consultants walk your organization through our advanced method for IT roadmap digital business transformation ensuring that your ambition and vision goes from a design, delivery, scale and refine the process to deliver results faster. Xevalics advanced expertise to evaluate, facilitate, and drive towards risk-based decision making and we thrive in complex, changing, virtual environments interacting with cross-functional teams and multiple disperse sites.

Documentation is integral to ensuring that information technology works as intended for your business. Corporate policies and procedures are designed to outline goals to all employees. These strategies go together with system implementation, user requirements and data handling. Xevalics provides services that tie all these elements together.

We can implement technical documentation and learning materials to ensure users adhere to policies and procedures. Going forward, these tools will allow your business to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. With increased security and clarity, your processes will meet any applicable compliance laws.

List of Expertise & Capabilities:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy and IT Roadmap Consulting
  • Industrial IoT, Manufacturing Digital Plant Maturity, Cybersecurity, Pharma 4.0, Data Integrity, and Data Standardization Consulting
  • IT Software / Infrastructure Corporate Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation
  • User Requirements and System Requirements Definition
  • Systems Design
  • Logical and Physical Security Controls Design and Implementation
  • Test Plans and Test Strategy Designs
  • Systems Implementation and Systems Roll-Over Deployment Strategy Definition
  • Data Migration Strategy
  • Record Retention and Data Archival
  • Technical Documentation and Learning Materials Development

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