Projects and programs enable your business or organization to meet strategic goals. The former deals with specific deliverables, fixed timescales, a clearly defined budget and are temporary by design. In the case of the latter, benefits are ongoing, budgeting is based on a financial calendar and the program is controlled at higher organizational levels. Organizations need to act with sense of urgency bringing the latest innovation and technology ideas to plan, deliver and execution to maintain their competitive advantage. Program and project management disciplines allows strategic transformation for business to streamline their organizational operations and processes.

At Xevalics, we strategically manage your programs and implement your projects to align with your business goals. Our team is made of of young and dynamic experienced individuals who will embrace your vision. We provide a range of services that are designed to ensure that projects of any scope are successful, delivered on time and within budget. We are experts partnering strategically with cross functional teams, stakeholders, and external suppliers to review and assess any design or process constraint that may impact the project deliverables specifications or overall performance. Our consultants thrive implementing a continuous improvement approach to achieve expectations on delivery efficiency and effectiveness, balancing cost, and quality for your business.

List of Expertise & Capabilities:

  • Program Management Standards (Project Management, Risk, Audit, and Compliance)
  • Project Charters
  • Project Plans
  • Project Schedules
  • Communications Plans
  • Prototypes and Model Office
  • Estimates
  • Status Reports
  • Project Summary Reports
  • Lessons Learned

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